Transportation Engineering

Bachelor's degree

The Curriculum includes fundamental, general engineering and specializing subjects; laboratories and seminars, training practices. The training ends with a State exam. The alumni receive a state diploma of higher education with professional qualification of “Civil Engineer”. The specialty trains highly qualified specialists for designing, construction and maintenance of railways and roads, ports, special routes, subway and for their recovery. By studying certain faculty subjects and covering the required manufacturing practice, theoretical and practical exams, the graduates receive a diploma of higher education and a certificate for “Head of Group for Maintaining and Repairing Railway Lines”.

This allows them to hold managerial positions in the system of National Railway Infrastructure Company. They may continue their study to the degree of “master”. The graduated engineers under this specialty, like the rest in the University of Transport, have high realization. This is related to the common European policy for unique transport infrastructure. There is a great demand for specialists with such training and this is confirmed by the fact that many companies, operating in the transport infrastructure, offer scholarships to talented students.

of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport

Department of Transport Construction and Equipment

Contact person:

Prof. Eng. Mira Zafirova, PhD


Contact person:

Assoc. Prof. Eng. K. Kostov, PhD


Master's degree

To obtain a Master’s degree, the students in the program Transportation Engineering should cover additional three semesters, to develop and defend a thesis. The graduates may continue their studies in PhD program. The specialized training is carried out by highly qualified lecturers and researches in the field of academic, scientific and project-design activity mainly from the Departments of Transportation Engineering and Building Structures. The graduates may find job opportunities in civil engineering companies and Directorate for National Construction Supervision.