Economics of Transport

Bachelor's degree

The Curriculum of Economics of Transport specialty is designed to prepare specialists of transport and economic qualification, who will have the required fundamental and specialized theoretical and practical knowledge for market processes, equipment, technology and management in the transport industry. The structure and range of the Curriculum of Economics of Transport specialty guaranties the acquiring of professional economic knowledge and skills by its structure and range.

It records all achievements, peculiarities and the latest trends in the field of Economics of Transport, Investment Policy, Project Management, Finances and Accountancy, Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Bachelors in Economics of Transport acquire knowledge and skills to develop business tasks and projects for development of business, to make forecasts and plans, to monitor, analyze and to control business processes as competitiveness and business prosperity is achieved.

The alumni can professionally realize themselves in transport enterprises and logistic centers, shipping companies, insurance companies, data centers, industrial and public transport, the transport departments of international trade companies, representative offices of international transport companies, in ministries, in research institutes. They can work as specialists of internal planning and forecasting, of organizing the transport activity in different modes. Upon completion the programme they will be able to develop strategies for transport companies growth and competitiveness in the national and international marketplace.

The acquired wide range of economic, transport, management and financial knowledge for the organization and operation of transport activity allow the future professionals to develop their own business and own economic structures. Based on the knowledge and skills obtained the specialist can perform economic, organizational, managerial, financial and control activities. The training ends with a State exam. The alumni receive a state diploma of higher education “bachelor” with professional qualification of “economist”. It entitles them to continue their studies in Master program, then PhD or conducting other research activities.

Master's degree

The program is designed for bachelor graduates in Economics. It has duration of five semesters and ends with development and defence of master thesis. The students are provided with rigorous training in the field of transport, allowing them to make independent managerial decisions. They get acquainted with the contemporary methods for research, analysis and evaluation of the business processes in the transport company. They gain specialized knowledge about the transport company socio-economic relations and factors for effective solving of different business tasks. Upon successful completion of the program the students receive a state diploma of Master in Science in Economics, allowing them to continue their studies in PhD program or to carry out research activities. The Economics of Transport program provides the students with extensive opportunities for professional career in all sectors of the economy, especially in the transport industry.

of Transport Management

Department of Economics and Accountancy in Transport

Contact person:

Prof. Valentina Staneva, PhD