Railway Engineering

Bachelor Degree

The Curriculum includes fundamental, general engineering and specializing subjects such as locomotives and wagons, technical operation and safety of railway traffic, etc; laboratories, seminars and training practices. The training ends with a State exam. The alumni receive a state diploma of higher education with professional qualification of “Mechanical Engineer”.

By studying certain faculty subjects, covering the required manufacturing practice and after successfully passing all theoretical and practical exams the graduates also obtain certificates of professional qualification as “engine driver of diesel locomotives” or “engine driver of electric locomotives” or “wagon inspector”. Those who have graduated the specialty can find jobs in transport companies, transport research institutes, designing organizations, schools, industrial factories and enterprises, using rail equipment or they may continue their study to next lever of the Higher Education – “master degree”.

of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport

Department of Transport Technology

Contact person:

Assoc. prof. eng. Vasko Nikolov, PhD


Contact person:

Assoc. prof. eng. Veselin Stoyanov, PhD


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