Vice-dean of the Faculty of Telecommunication and Electrical Equipment in Transport


Lecturer at department “Mathematics and informatics” at faculty “Communication and electrical equipment in transport”. Courses taught: Informatics; Computer programing; Databases management systems; Information technologies; E-business; Information systems audit; etc. More than 100 publications in the field of Informatics; Information technologies; Mathematics modeling; Software technologies; Software for critical security systems; E-business; Education in informatics; etc. She is author of many books, articles and e-courses in informatics; programing; e-business and etc. She has been also member of research project teams.

  • - 2016 – member of the Software education Council at Ministry of education and science;
  • - 2013 – vice-dean of faculty “Communication and electrical equipment in transport”
  • - 2010 – member of the European association in security, Krakow, Poland
  • - member of the Mathematicians Association in Bulgaria and the John Atanasov Automatics and Informatics Association
  • - 1985 – senior assistant professor at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport
  • - 1983-1985 - expert at Research institute for organization and machine construction management; Programmer at Information Center in Sofia;
  • - 1976 - 1980 - mathematician at Higher Economic Institute Karl Marx, Sofia

Education and academic career:

  • Master Degree

    Master Degree in “Mathematics”, Sofia Universiyt St. Kliment Ohridski

  • PhD

    PHD IN AUTOMATIVE SYSTEMS FOR INFORMATION CALCULATION AND MANAGEMENT (EDUCATION), PHD THESIS „Quantitative methods for quality evaluation and management at higher schools”.

  • Specializations at International Computer Education and Information Centrе in Budapest; Training Center Datey, Prague; National educational center for postgraduate qualification, Sofia.

  • Associate Professor

    Associate Professor in INFORMATICS

  • Professor


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