Business meeting with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On 29.11.2017, at “T. Kableshkov” University of Transport was held a meeting between the Rector – Prof. PhD. Eng. – econ. Daniela Todorova and Eng. Andon Piperevski, Member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Executive Director of Vicors AD, on the occasion of expanding the possibilities for additional professional training of the students at the University of Transport. The meeting was attended by PhD Lyudmil Ivanov, as well as Prof. PhD Antoaneta Kirova.

It was agreed to conduct training within the framework of the Global Standards – GS 1, applicable in the field of logistics, which would provide additional professional competence to future bachelors and masters. The training will take the form of separate modules according to agreed timetable and curriculum and will start after February 15, 2018. The graduates will be granted certificates of additional professional competence.

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