Faculty of Transport Management

Tel.: +3592/ 9709-464
e-mail: f_tm@vtu.bg
Inspector: +3592/ 9709-299


Faculty of Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport

Tel: +3592/9709-451
e-mail: f_ket@vtu.bg
Inspector: +3592/9709-271

  • Department of Technology, Organization and Management of Transport
    Tel: 02/9709-462; e-mail: tout@vtu.bg
  • Department of Economics and Accountancy in Transport 
    Tel.:+3592/ 9709-231; e-mail: ist@vtu.bg
  • Department of Humanities
    Tel.:+3592/ 9709-331; e-mail: hnce@vtu.bg
  • Department of of Machine Elements and Chemistry
    Tel.:+3592/ 9709-483; e-mail: memh@vtu.bg
  • Department of Telecommunications and Safety Equipment and Systems
    Tel.:+3592/9709-404; e-mail: cotc@vtu.bg
  • Department of Electrical Equipment in Railway Transport
    Tel.:+3592/9709-373; e-mail: eet@vtu.bg
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics
    Tel.:+3592/9709-390; e-mail: ef@vtu.bg
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Tel.:+3592/9709-492; e-mail: math@vtu.bg

Faculty of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport

Tel.: +3592/9709-493
e-mail: f_tctt@vtu.bg
Inspector: +3592/9709-308

  • Department of Transport Equipment
    Tel.: +3592/9709-396; e-mail: tt@vtu.bg
  • Department of Material Handling and Construction Machines
    Tel.: +3592/9709-485; e-mail: ptsms@vtu.bg 
  • Department of Transport Construction and Equipment
    Tel.: +3592/9709-441 e-mail: ts@vtu.bg
  • Department of Mechanics
    Tel.: +3592/9709-362 e-mail: mech@vtu.bg