Potential foreign students could apply at VTU, Sofia after graduation from high school/college, having obtained a certificate, securing them the opportunity to continue their education in the country of graduation.
A Certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Bulgaria proves the applicant’s right to be trained as a foreign student in the country (applied way to obtain the Certificate).
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2. Necessary documents

a) Application form, with personal data, address, contact information and containing the name of the program chosen by the candidate (in MS-Word формат or PDF format)
b) Originals and copies of:
• High school certificate together with subjects’ score record for “BACHELOR” degree;
• High school certificate and Certificate of degree “BACHELOR” with academic record in case of applying for “MASTER” degree.
c) A valid document issued by an authority (for instance, a high school master) certifying the applicant’s right to continue education in the country of high school or college graduation or a document proving a successful student application exam in the country of graduation.
d) An academic record, in case of continuing training in another university. e) Medical record, issued within one month before the application date, attested by the competent authorities of the applicant’s native country.
f) Copy of ID card.
g) 4 personal pictures.
The documents enlisted under b, c, d and e should legalized by the issuing country authorities and translated and legalized by the Consular service at the Bulgarian Embassy in the issuing country. In case there is no Embassy, the documents have to be legalized according to the general terms for documentary legalization, translation and certification.
The applicants from Republic Turkey, the certificate and the subjects’ score record (the transcript) should be attested by the Regional Education department and the Governor with an apostille. For applicants without double citizenship all the necessary documents should be copied and applied.

3. Application for continuing education (concerning applicants trained in other universities and graduates from other universities)

The training program suitable for joining the applicant continuing the training process for “BACHELOR”/”MASTER” degree is determined by the appropriate Faculty based upon the information from the academic record or the “BACHELOR” degree Certificate. The above mentioned requirements according to p. 1 and p. 2 are valid.
Full-time training for “BACHELOR” degree is 4 academic years’ duration. Following the “BACHELOR” degree, the “MASTER” degree is obtained according to a program and full-time training within 1.5 academic years’ duration.
The “MASTER” degree could be obtained in a different from the Bachelor program. In that case, the training process involves a preparatory year including training on the basic disciplines, forming the program’s background.
After completing the full training course of the chosen program the students are entitled to get a BACHELOR and/or MASTER Degree Certificate accompanied by an academic record with the subjects taught, with the credits and the scores.


4.1 The training visa (type D) is obtained by the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in the applicant’s country. The Certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Bulgaria together with a valid ID document should be presented there.
4.2 The students admitted under government contract or according to intergovernmental agreements as well as those possessing Unified citizen number (ЕГН) are health security in the name of the university until their 26th anniversary (in case they are unemployed). The rest of the foreign students are ot entitled to a health insurance by the University.
4.3 The foreign students admitted have the right to a dormitory according to the availability and subject to payment of a determined rent. Monthly subsistence costs amount at about 200 Euro.


The training charges are determined annually by Decree of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Bulgaria. For full time training in the academic year 2015/2016 they are the following:
• Complete annual charge for the preparatory language and specializing course - 2 500 Euro, and for every next course - 3000 Euro;
• Students with double citizenship, one of which Bulgarian are entitled to a 50% discount from the complete annual charge;
• Students having the admission right according to Decrees 103/1993 and 228/1997 as well as students with citizenship in EU or EEA member countries are entitled to training charges according to the conditions and terms determined for Bulgarian citizens.
The Procedure of legalization of documents originating from countries belonging to The Hague Convention (with “Apostille”) will be applied. In case the documents are not provided with Apostille (due to acceptable reason), their validity in the Republic of Bulgaria requires a procedure of legalization, meaning certification by the ministry of foreign affairs of the issuing country, followed by another legalization on the side of the Bulgarian diplomatic or consular representation in that country or accredited for it.
The Procedure of legalization of documents originating from countries with bilateral legal assistance contracts signed with the Republic of Bulgaria (without “Apostille”). The provisions of the Convention do not change the regime for the exemption from legalization of documents, established in the bilateral legal assistance agreements signed by the Republic of Bulgaria but without Apostille. At the same time, there is no impediment to the documents being provided with Apostil, despite the relief regime under the specific legal aid contract.
Certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria of the signature of the translator - translations of foreign documents must be made only by Bulgarian translation companies that have signed a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs