Telecommunications and Signalling

Bachelor's degree

The Curriculum of the specialty includes all subjects needed for the training of specialists in telecommunications and signaling in transport. Todor Kableshkov University of Transport is the only university in Bulgaria providing such training. Upon completion of the program the students receive a state diploma for higher education and a certificate of “electrician”. This contributes for better career development in the system of the Bulgarian State Railways.

The training ends with a State exam. The alumni receive a state diploma of higher education with professional qualification of “engineer in communications”. Those who have graduated the specialty can find jobs in the system of the land transport, telecommunication companies, Metropolitan, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, security companies. They may continue their study to next lever of the Higher Education – “master degree”.

of Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport

Department of Telecommunications and Safety Equipment and Systems

Contact person: 

Prof. Eng. E. Dimitrova, PhD


Master's degree

The program is designed for bachelor graduates in the same professional field. It has duration of three semesters and ends with defence of master thesis. The graduates of the Telecommunications and Signalling program can develop careers in design and construction bureaus. They receive diploma for professional qualification Master of Science in Engineering and may continue their studies in PhD program.